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In the recent years it was quite not possible to make a professional record from home but ,

it was just a kind of sleeping and now it's time to wake up.Some people still don't believe it,

I have made it but it's true just test it with your ears and tell me what's on your mind ;

and I always need your comments on my hits so that I can make them better and better

If I can change something,or improve don't hesitate to tell me I'm ready to hear from you

for them who don't know my hits you can start listening from MUSIC

my friends don't worry there are still more to come and it will be released at least a hit a week.

My aim is to make your face smile and dance



find me in kigali - nyamirambo down

way GRACE HOTEL or just  

contact me on (+250)728688334

home recording , true proffessionalism

believe it or not!! that's it.

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